Reverse Logistics

CTC Distributing 3PL Services understands that Reverse Logistics is a complex function that can quickly erode your profitability. CTC Distributing 3PL Services reverses that trend by offering you efficiency and cost saving through proven processes that expedite the disposition of returned goods, essential to survival during recessionary times.  We are respected by our customers for our expert handling of returns, over-stocked inventory, outdated
products and seasonal items.
CTC Distributing 3PL Services also include inspecting, repairing, and then redistributing them for resale.

Reverse Logistics Capabilities:

  • Auditing Returns – Our teams validate the merchandise against your return authorization and help you control losses.
  • Handling and Shipping – Let CTC Distributing Reverse Logistic services handle and ship your items for disposition, return to inventory, or return to vendor.
  • Inspecting – CTC Distributing Reverse Logistics process includes our review of returned goods to asses the quality and resalability.
  • Repair, reclaim, replace – CTC Distributing 3PL Services will manage the inbounding stream of damaged, defective, or used items. We can either make them marketable by repairing them to your specifications, or we can reclaim components to re-use along with managing your inventory of replacement parts.
  • Managing documentation -our experienced team will collect, organized, complete and transmit the records you need to keep control of all the steps in the returned process.
  • Management reporting – CTC Distributing 3PL Services information systems will provide information specifically designed to keep you up to date on the returns operations. Reports will be accessible through communications systems that best suits your needs.