Document Retention

Documents / Records can be anything such as preprinted forms filled out, computer generated documents, school published materials, test sheets, attendance sheets, almost anything placed , printed, recorded, written of annotated on paper, or electronic media.

In general each record has a life span that can last from one day to permanent…..

  • There is only one record copy of any record.
  • All records are “technically” active until they’re destroyed.
  • Each record has a minimum retention period.

CTC Distributing makes this easy for our customers and offers onsite retention services or pick-up services to perform retention at our secure facility. CTC Distributing can then store or return the records. All cartons will have identifying markings for dates of destruction or permanent files. A listing of each carton will also be supplied for each carton for the customer for schedule reference.

Regulatory Environment

  • Mandated Compliance as per Government Code, SEC. 441.158
  • Designated Authority: Texas State Library & Archives Commission
  • Mandatory minimum retention periods for each type of local government, including a schedule for records common to all types of local governments.
  • “No local government office may dispose of a record listed in the schedule prior to the expiration of its retention period.”