3rd Party Warehousing

CTC Distributing is comitted to provide the finest state of the art, full service facilities. Each warehouse is self contained, concrete tilt wall and steel building construction providing electronic survellance, break in and fire alarm and monitoring. The facility is 140,000 sq. ft.

CTC Distributing is strategically located for international trade and integral supply chain management in South Texas. Only 15 miles due norht of the Pharr International Bridge, delivery to/from any one of the 135+ Maquilas south of the in Reynosa Mexcio is less than and hour transit, contingent upn fullfillment of all necessary US and MX customs requirements. CTC Distributing coordinates with the customers’ MX customs broker of choice for optimal efficiency of the cross border transaction.

CTC Distributing maintains a focus on meeting the customers’ need to reduce the COST and TIME associated with any mode of transportation.

Whatever it Takes!

Services provided:





Warehouse Storage

Container Station / Yard